Клуб экономистов — Карточка организации

название организации Клуб экономистов
страна риска Украина
сайт http://economists.org.ua


Economists’ Club is a non-governmental organization established by Ukrainian economists of various faculties and working in almost every domain of the profession. The main objective of our organization is to support economic development of the country by dissemination of economic knowledge and best practice. Our key goals are: — to arrange regular channel of communication between students, scientists and practicians; — to train economists in efficient application of their knowledge into practice; — to create business-like workshops spreading most valuable contemporary economic models and advisory service. We are looking to exchange our ideas with a wider circle of entrepreneurs, analysts, engineers and state servants. We hope to make efficient and responsible economy science a powerful tool of driving our Ukraine to prosperous future. Thank you for your interest and feed-back, Economists’ Club
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