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полное название организации Публичное акционерное общество "БАНК СИЧ"
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страна риска Украина
отрасль Банки
сайт http://www.sichbank.com.ua/




PJSC "BANK SICH" was registered by the National Bank of Ukraine in May 2011. BANK SICH is a universal bank that provides all basic banking transactions on the financial services market, specializing in the retail business and working with small and medium enterprises. One of the distinctive advantages of BANK SICH is a highly trained staff, banking specialists who build the Bank's development strategy on the experience of the various stages of Ukrainian financial market development, taking the international banking management standards into account. We are fully aware of the features of cooperation with enterprises of the basic sectors of the economy and private organizations just starting out. It is worth noting that the BANK SICH has no inherited problems which, unfortunately, are typical of many Ukrainian banks in the post-crisis period, such as accumulated debts, unsettled relationships with partners, debtors etc. We use the latest financial and programming methods in our work, improving service quality and user-friendliness of banking products. Information openness and transparency are key principles of BANK SICH. Using the latest technology provides the Bank with the flexibility in creating products that fully meet the needs of each individual client. We can offer a solution specifically for your business!
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